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I love America

Yes, I really love America. The country, that is. The people…? I’m not so sure about the Republicans… But the country, I think it has some amazing beauty, which I’ve always wanted to see sometime.

Back when I was a teenager, I used to have a dream of travelling through America, from NYC to LA to Florida to Seattle and then back to NYC. It was a dream of a great American road trip, allowing me to see all the beauty that the country has to offer.

But then the violence became really noticable, and only increased over the past 20 years. The murders, the muggings, the stupid becoming more prominent with their stupid ways.

It’s a very sad fact that the ONLY Americans reading this are part of a group that amounts to maybe 1% of the American population. The elite.

And yes, if you can read, have a computer and read blogs, you are one of the elite in today’s society. Not just in America, but the world.

My friend Dan went to LA for his honeymoon maybe 10 years ago. He made sure that they stayed in the best hotel in the best part of town, in order to ensure a trouble-free stay. On their first night a big black man came into the bar looking for money to buy drugs and attacked Dan with a big knife. Lucky for Dan and his new wife he was a big fella himself, as well as a career Aussie soldier with combat experience. He deposited the attacker over the bar after disarming him, and then enjoyed drinks on the house for the rest of the night from an embarrassed hotel management.

I’m not as big or as capable as he is, and I don’t want to deal with things like that. For me, and millions of others around the world, America has gone from a dream destination to something tantamount to a war zone.

I’ll enjoy the American scenery from seeing it in books, magazines, and movies. Until reality undergoes a major shift, I’m simply staying away from the country.

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