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“I want my spam, dammit!”

I've been dealing with a particular engineer today at a particular northern branch of the particular company I work for. He wanted to be notified when any spam sent to him is blocked by our email firewall, particularly when the spam is from legitimate senders.

Now, the funny thing about this is, if we notified people that a spam email has been blocked, why the hell bother blocking it? The notification is 'spam' as well!

spam: unwanted email (usually of a commercial nature) sent out in bulk)

We get over 3,500 spam emails per day in the organisation I work for. We created the filters in the first place so that people aren't bothered by spam, and that viruses are avoided as well.

And now this supposedly 'intelligent' engineer has been kicking up a fuss because he doesn't get notified of those emails that are blocked as spam.


It's hard to be polite and informative as you detail to them the internal email policies of the company and why they can't have what they want, when all you want to do is pick up the phone and tell them what a stupid idiot they are, and how the hell can they call themselves an engineer, when engineers are supposed to be intelligent and knowledgeable not only about IT in general, but about simple anti-spam policies! I mean, we have dumbarses around the world who sit at home and know nothing, who know more about email policies around spam than this engineer up north.

*takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly*


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