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I’ll be deleting inactive subscribers every month

I found a new, interesting writer today (thanks for the referral, Miles!), who has a policy I quite like. On the 1st of every month he deletes from his mailing list all those subscribers who haven’t opened any of his emails. I liked this so much, I’m going to do the same.

delete-keyI recently had a cleanup of my mailing list, inviting everyone in the list to resubscribe to continue receiving the emailed updates I sent out about new blog posts. From the total number of subscribers, only about 25% replied to my invitation to continue subscribing.

From the 1st of May, I’m going to start deleting people who aren’t opening my emails. It’s a good way of keeping my mailing list active and up to date, with all the subscribers being involved in what I’m doing.

If you’re not opening the emails, then there’s no point being subscribed. Right? So I’ll help you out by removing you from the list. If you ever want to get the emails again, you can always resubscribe at a later date.

Who’s the writer? Karol Gajda. I like his style.

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