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I’ll be seeing Bruce Springsteen in less than 2 weeks

On the 19th February I’m going to be in Sydney at the Bruce Springsteen concert having a fantastic time!



I just spent the past couple hours trying to find somewhere to stay for that night. Would you believe that hotels have increased their prices for the period he’s in Sydney? Assholes. How dare they up their prices to make the most of the higher demand…

But anyway, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be awesome!

This time around I’ll take my super-zoom camera and see if I can get some better photos than I did last time, when I used my phone.

I learnt a lot from the experience last year, so that I can have a much better experience this year. I didn’t take my ‘decent’ camera because I thought that it would be banned from the venue, but the signs only stated that cameras with detachable lenses were banned. Which means I can use my camera!


I also learned that I can book carparking, so I did that today. Now I have my very own ‘VIP’ carpark in the carpark right next door to the arena. Would you believe only $14.95 for the entire day, including the booking fee? Damn. Being disabled has some benefits…

It’ll be better than all the walking I had to do last time…

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