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I’m having surgery tomorrow on my teeth

Another ‘first’ is happening in my life tomorrow – I’ll be put to sleep for surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. Not just the broken and infected one, but others too. This is gonna hurt, but I’m planning for the painkillers to help keep the pain away so that I don’t care too much.

My wife (Fanfan) is coming up from Melbourne today to look after me. She’ll need to drive me home (to where I’m staying while I’m here in Canberra) and look after me. The dental surgeon advised me that if I don’t have a carer to stay with me for 24 hours they won’t be doing the surgery. Well, ok then.

So after a day of rest and recovery, we’ll be driving back to Melbourne. Fanfan will probably be doing most of the driving, depending on how I’ll be feeling. And on Monday we’re flying out to Bali for a week’s holiday.

The surgeon recommended that I get the teeth operated on before I fly, so that I’m not affected by the change of air pressure on my toothache. There’s plenty of horror stories out there of people flying with toothaches and the effect it has on them. One woman’s face swelled up like a watermelon and she had the most incredible pain.

So thankfully that won’t be me.

But my face will be swollen over the next few days from the surgery, and I’m hoping it’ll be all good by the time we jump on the plane.

Bali, here we come!

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