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I’m in Melbourne

I’m writing this while in bed, at my friend Scot’s place, in Melbourne. I drove down from Canberra yesterday, taking 6.5 hours to do so, and I’ll be driving back tomorrow.

On the way down I saw signs to places that I’ve always wanted to visit – tomorrow I will. These places are Ettamoogah Pub, and Glenrowan, where Ned Kelly made his last stand. So I’ll visit them and take some photos

Today was nice. Had breakfast at a cafe in some Melbourne suburb, then went to the markets so Scot’s wife could buy some vegies, then came back home and watched a great Chinese movie called Ip Man – brutal. Watch it if you like martial arts movies.

After that, we went into the city to the tallest building and went up to the ‘skydeck’, where I got some reasonable photos of Melbourne from up high. then dinner, then a brief wander beside the river – more photos – before returning home.

For the first time ever, I’ve been driving around Melbourne. Some of the streets are ridiculous, but that’s probably normal for any city you’re unfamiliar with… For the second time ever (for me), it’s been sunny here in Melbourne.

It used to be that I never saw the sun when I come here, but lately it’s been more like never seeing clouds… Quite nice, but I think my back hurts a lot more when it’s hotter. I’m not sure why that is, but I think I’ll have to look into it a bit more.

I’ll be coming back again mid-March, as I’ll be attending Scot’s wedding then. Scot and I were talking last night about how much they pay for contractors in Melbourne doing my line of work. About 20% more than in Canberra…

Should I consider looking for contracts in Melbourne? What do you think? Maybe you could give me your opinion below.

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