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I’m moving to Melbourne

It’s official. In a couple months I’ll be moving to Melbourne.


This has come about sort of suddenly, but has been ‘in the works’ for a couple years now.

It all began back in 2011, when Fanfan moved here to Canberra from Melbourne, because I was earning more from my work here than she was in Melbourne.

I promised her that one day we’d move to Melbourne, where she really wanted to be. I appreciated the sacrifice she made to her lifestyle to be with me, and I wanted to make sure that one day I would do the same.

Over the past two years, I’ve been working and working and working and we’ve stayed in Canberra for it.

But just yesterday my flatmate provided me with his notice that he was going to be leaving, moving out and into another house with another friend of his. Cheaper rent, and a ‘change’ in lifestyle was more attractive to him.

Since I’m not currently working right now, and his move would mean we’d move too, to look for somewhere cheaper, we could see that we’d have to change houses. There would be a relocation and adjustment cost involved.

So we decided that if we have to move, then we may as well take this opportunity to move to Melbourne.

And so the plan is set in motion. The deadline is end of March, so we’ve got 7 weeks to find somewhere there to stay.

The clock is ticking. Change is coming.

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