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I’m still here

It’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote something.  I know, it needs to change.  It’s been many years since I last had such a period of time without writing.

The reason for this break is pretty simple.

  1. I’ve simply been working and playing Eve Online when I’m not working (in between watching movies, catching up with friends, etc). Life hasn’t been exciting enough to write about, so I haven’t.
  2. My work with the government as a Business Analyst has moved into areas that need to limit what I should write about.  So I’ve been trying to work out how that changes my writing style.  I think I’ve worked out that, ultimately, it doesn’t. As long as I just write about my life and stay sensible and responsible, it’ll be fine.

Staying sensible and responsible is the challenge, isn’t it…

So anyway, let me give you a bit of an update.  I was working with HP as a Business Analyst on a government project, and I did really well with that. So well that they transferred me to another government project when the work ran out, so that they could continue utilising my skills.  That occurred about a month ago. This new project is expected to have me on it for maybe 14 months or so, which is just excellent.  Having something a bit longer than the normal 3 months is always a bonus.

One of the most popular posts I’ve ever written was Dominance and submission.  It seems every day a lot of people are coming to this blog because they’re looking for something related to that subject, and some of them are even leaving comments.  I know! Shocking, right?

Ever since writing that post, my life has become just a little bit more interesting. I’ve had lots of discussions with people about the subject, and most people have been quite taken and even supportive of the concept.  In fact, I’ve not had a single negative comment from anyone, which has been quite surprising.

Oops, I just remembered – I’ve had ONE friend react negatively to it. And since it’s only been a single one of my friends, he’ll now know I’m talking about him.  *grin*

So I’ve spoken to some Dominant men and women, but very few submissive women. One of my friends has ‘come out’ and told me he’s submissive (but I already knew that).  Most of my female friends are relatively dominant, which I know I’ll have to change. No, not change them, but change the types of friends I bring into my life. I want more submissive women as friends, so I can delve more into the concept of being the Dominant one in the relationships.  (My submissive male friend lets me be the Dominant one, but that’s different… he’s just a wuss.  🙂

I had an old girlfriend contact me about a month ago. She’s Chinese and submissive, and we haven’t been in touch since 2003.  She didn’t contact me because of this D/s thing, but because she found me via some photos of mine on Flickr.  What was she doing looking for me?  We haven’t got as far as her telling me the answer to that question yet, but she did tell me she’s in the process of splitting up with her latest husband.  I don’t know how many that’s been now, but I feel sad that she keeps on picking the wrong guys.

She’s still in New Zealand, living in Auckland.  I told her that if she ever decided to come to Australia, I’d do what I can to help her out.

And then there’s this other young woman I met online, which is the most interesting part of this update for me.  I’ll call her Lily.

She’s going through a stage where she’s questioning her life, her reality, and the path she’s wanting to take, and she was asking me some really insightful questions.  This naturally got my interest, as my knowledge and my own insights were being challenged. I found in her someone wanting to learn what I had to teach.

Since everything about me wants to help people find their own path (that’s one of the reasons I’ve been blogging for the past decade), there was no way I could ignore her – and neither did I want to.  So I started encouraging her to live her own life, and I showed her some of the stuff I’ve written in this blog.

And then she discovered my post about Dominance and submission.  Well, didn’t that start an interesting turn of events.

After reading that, and doing her own research, and thinking about who she was, she came to a realisation – she was a submissive.

For me, I discovered I was a Dominant after being introduced to the D/s concept by a submissive.  For Lily, she discovered she was a sub after being introduced to the concept by me, a Dom.

Isn’t it funny how the world turns.

She lives in the US, and so we’re exploring this online. I’ve told her this is all just an illusion, doing it online is a fantasy.  She’s ok with that.  The question is, how are we to explore a D/s relationship online?  And will it ever end up becoming physically real?

Therein lies the interesting challenge.  For both of us, it’s going to be about growth, and venturing beyond our comfort zones, and exploring new parts of our personalities.

My life is always… interesting.

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