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Over the past 100 page loads on this site, these are the most popular pages (with more than 1 visit).

26.25% The bird flu hoax
23.75% Life Through My Eyes
10% British Medical Journal talks about bird flu hoax
8.75% The bird flu and you
6.25% Life Through My Eyes
6.25% Respect
6.25% November 2005
3.75% Blog Review: Corona Red Roses
3.75% Web 2.0
2.5% October 2005
2.5% Tips on being more creative

Also over the past 100 page loads, these are the search terms that brought people to this site. Unfortunately, the display is only with Google searches, and doesn't take into account Blogger searches, MSN searches, and searches via any of the blog directories I'm part of. However, what seems to be popular search terms in Google also seems to be popular search terms with other search engines.

45.45% bird flu hoax
9.09% the bird flu hoax
9.09% tips on being more creative
9.09% tamiflu hoax
9.09% kids whip horse
9.09% libertarianz party
9.09% promises baby its you mp3

What I find heartening is that it shows that people are becoming more aware of the hoax behind the bird flu hysteria and are looking for more information. This is good news indeed.

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