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Interesting times ahead

With all the crazy stuff happening in America today, I have a feeling that we’re going to see some very interesting, scary and sad times in the near few years.

  • It’s heading more and more towards a ‘police state’, where the jackbooted actions of the police stomp all over the rights of the people.
  • The political craziness that’s coming to the fore has suggestion of armed conflict between Republicans and Democrats, due to prominent Republican commentators claiming that since Democrats are against the war on terror then they must be for terrorists, and are therefore terrorists themselves. Some are calling for attacks, arrests and even executions of vocal Democrats and anti-war campaigners.
  • The Republican campaign for the Commander-in-Chief being the only man for the job to fight terrorism is leading to Republicans wanting to vote for the removal of elections and have the President as Dictator-in-Chief.

    What’s wrong with these people that they want to vote for the removal of all their freedoms? They want to vote on putting a dictator into power?

  • The US has become one of the most censored countries in the entire world, where any news that has evidence of Bush doing something wrong is simply not shown in US newspapers or on US television.

    A case in point was a year or two ago, where evidence arose of Bush and Blair planning the Iraq war before 2003… this was a major scandal and reported all throughout the world. Except in the US.

  • The latest idiocy to come out of America is their attempt to re-write the Geneva Convention so that they can’t be accused of war crimes. Apparently there was a complication to this, as there was a clause in the Constitution that prevented them from changing the Geneva Convention. But there isn’t any such clause preventing them from
    changing the War Crimes Act.

    There’s no brushing over of this idiocy – the Bush Administration wants to change the rules so that they can’t be accused of War Crimes, and they want it to be retrospective, so that they can’t be accused of War Crimes in the past. What is it that Americans don’t seem to understand about this. THEY PLAN ON COMMITTING, OR HAVE KNOWINGLY COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

When you have Republicans calling for the death of Democrats, and the police doing whatever they like with impunity, and idiots wanting to vote for their President to become dictator, and the leadership wanting to change the rules so they can’t be accused of war crimes, then you have a situation. A serious situation. And one which can only lead to serious consequences.

The world banded together to act against the totalitarian and fascist actions of Adolf Hitler in the early 1940’s.

What will we see in the next few years, I wonder.

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