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Intimate connections…. hahahahahaha!

Ok, I found this and I laughed my little arse off. I laughed and laughed…

Now that I've calmed down a bit from all the laughing I've been doing, let me explain it to you. It's a woman's vibrator that's like a 'bullet'. It's inserted into that place where these vibrator thingies are inserted, and… it has text message capabilities, so that you can receive text messages from your loved one, and when you receive it, the vibrator vibrates. So the woman can be walking around with this inside of her, just waiting for a text message….

Here's a corny intro from the website:

We all send romantic, suggestive text messages to our partners, often deliberately to get them going. Imagine if these texts could touch the body as well as the mind. Thanks to new technology, now they can. Mental images and physical sensations are one with The Toy. Your text fantasies are no longer confined to the imagination. With The Toy you can unite, wherever you are…

Absolutely hilarious…

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