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Israel blocks Palestinian bird flu safeguards

I've always been appalled by how Israel can so blatantly disregard all forms of humanity with their treatment of Palestinians, and the latest such incident is even more shocking to me. The Israelis are blocking material into Palestine that will help the Palestinians locate and treat the bird flu that's of such a threat these days. Now, the only reason the Israelis would be blocking this is simply to maximise the number of potential Palestinian deaths from the bird flu.

Absolutely disgusting and appalling. How can any country get away with shit like this in today's world? How can they have gotten away with all that they've done to the Palestinians? It's like there are commonly accepted rules for the world. There's our rules and then there's Israeli rules.

Well fuck 'em I say. Their actions earn my disgust, and I'm sure that karma will bite them in the arse one day. I pray it's a day I'm around for, and I'll dance in the street.

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