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It brought a tear to my eye

I woke up this morning to find a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, which I watched with a sense of excitement. It was 1977 when Star Wars first came out, and I wasn’t allowed to see it at the cinema because I was 10 years old and my parents thought cinemas were too noisy – especially with loud movies like Star Wars.

It wasn’t until Star Wars came out on video in the early 1980’s that I was able to see it at a friend’s place, and like so many millions of others, it forever changed my life.

So when I saw the trailer this morning, it felt like they’re doing this right.

And when Han Solo appeared and said, “Chewie, we’re home….” I’ll be honest. It brought a tear to my eye. Having Harrison Ford back as Han Solo in a new Star Wars is…. well, you’d probably have to be a fan to understand.

Watch the trailer for yourself, and share your thoughts below.

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