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I’ve achieved a big weight loss goal

Back in 2008 I was 103kg (226lbs). It’s the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I didn’t realise I’d let myself get fat until some friends at the time talked about how concerned they were for my health. I felt a bit indignant at the time, but I decided it might be a good idea to start losing weight.


Interestingly, in 2005, I weighed 86kg (I mentioned it in a blog post back then), so it had taken me 3 years to put on 17kg – almost 6 kg a year. Easy to do when you’re not being aware.

I’m currently at 86kg again, but my goal with my weight loss desires was to reach 85kg. On Saturday (two days ago) I weighed myself and I’d reached 85kg. Yay!

I fluctuate up and down, sometimes by up to 2kg on a daily basis, depending on what I’ve eaten. It’s weird, but the fluctuations have been steadily going downwards over the years.

This has also been without exercise. I’ve managed to lose 16-17kg in 4-5 years without any exercise whatsover. And no fancy diets either.

My secret? Just eat less than what I used to. And be more aware of what I’m eating and drinking. And be thankful for Fanfan’s help along the way over the past couple of years.

Having a great woman supporting you is fantastic inspiration and motivation to keep on doing the right thing. I’m thankful for the support she’s given me.

I just realised that I gained most of my weight during 2005 – 2008, which was coincidentally when I was in a relationship that was far more of a struggle than it was worthwhile. It obviously had a significant side effect with my weight. Signs of depression maybe?

But anyway, it’s great that my weight is getting better for me now. I’m really happy about that.

So now that I’ve reached 85kg (I know, it’s 86kg today, but I know it’ll continue going downwards), my next goal is 80kg (176lbs). And then?

And then I’ll start working on my fitness. Since I’ll be carrying a lot less weight it’ll be that much easier for me to do exercise.

I never had a deadline for my weight loss. I just had a desire, and I carried through on that desire. I’ve ended up losing about 3kg a year as a result. I think it’ll be good to set a deadline for the next 5kg.

My deadline to be 80kg is Christmas this year. And then I’ll enjoy Christmas Dinner!

Let the countdown begin.

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