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I’ve been doing it all wrong

Recently I’ve been writing about being against feminism. But there’s two problems with that. One, I’m not actually against feminism, but I am against radical feminism. Two, I really need to be FOR something rather than AGAINST something. So that changes now.

I’m going change my approach, so that instead of focusing on what I don’t want to see, I’ll instead focus on what I DO want to see.

In this case, what I want to see is the empowerment of men who are looking to rediscover their masculinity.

That’s almost like a mission statement. My mission. To help empower men who are wanting to rediscover their masculinity.

I think that probably needs to be broken down somewhat. We need to understand what masculinity really is in today’s world, and why it’s important.

And then I need to provide positive action steps to help men empower themselves towards what they desire. I also need to make sure I include examples of where men are disempowered, and how changing things around to empower themselves can be helpful for them.

“Be the change you want to see.”

I’m also going to be doing this only for those men who are currently searching, who are looking for answers, who are fed up with how things are at the moment. They’ve become aware of a new social standard that punishes men for being masculine, and they’re fed up with the push for men to become more feminine.

It doesn’t work, and it’s resulting in relationships that aren’t working.

Something needs to change.

Many women are confused. They think they want touchy-feely emotional men that they can relate to, but then these men become just like another girlfriend. The masculine mystique and attraction is gone, and they’re left with a man who doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be.

Obviously there’s still masculine men out there, who don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m not targeting those men though.

I’m targeting the men who have forgotten how to be masculine, or they never learned what being masculine was all about in the first place.

So in the future I’ll be providing information and encouragement that will help them develop better relationships with themselves and with women.

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