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Jake Clemons is coming to town

You’re probably wondering who the hell Jake Clemons is, right? Well, he’s the guy on the sax. With Bruce Springsteen. And he’s coming to Canberra next week.


There’s a funny story attached to this, about how I found out he was coming to Canberra. Fanfan took me to an art show today that I didn’t want to go to, but I went because she wanted to go to it. And I enjoyed myself, taking some nice photos along the way.

Here’s the photos from the art show:

So anyway, while I was wandering around – wearing my Bruce Springsteen t-shirt (that you can see here) – some woman came up and said “Hello”. I thought they were involved with the art show so I said ‘hello’ back. They said “Jake Clemons is at the front next weekend.” My reply was ‘Who’s Jake Clemons?’, thinking it was someone associated with art. “He’s in the E-Street Band’, she said, looking at my Bruce Springsteen t-shirt. “Oh, THAT Jake Clemons! Thank you!” She smiled and walked away.

Tonight I bought the tickets to the show. Next weekend we’re seeing Jake Clemons. I’m sad it’s not including Bruce Springsteen, but Jake is good enough to go see anyway.

Isn’t it funny how the universe works. I went to an art show I didn’t want to go to, and ended up having someone tell me about Jake Clemons from the E-Street Band playing at The Front here in Canberra next weekend. Fantastic!

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