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Job interview

The second interview was much better than the first. It was another scenario-based interview, where they provide scenarios or questions about my relevent experience, and I have to give examples from my past where I’ve actually done stuff suggesting I have leadership and management qualities.

It went very well, lasting just over an hour. I had the interviewer quite involved in the stories I told of past experiences. If there’s something I’m good at when I’m comfortable – and I was – it’s telling stories which are engaging and even humourous. It was rewarding to see him on the edge of his seat on occasions, leaning forward with great interest.

The ‘Strategy Guide for my role as Team Leader’ went down well, with him saying that he expected none of the others would have that. Did I talk about that before? I can’t remember.

I created a 7-point strategy guide for how I would move into the role, detailing ideas I had and how I would work them. It involved management, training, team building and administration.

I also found out that I was the only internal applicant to get a second interview, along with 2 external applicants to succeed. I have more than a 33% chance though, with that strategy guide, and with how well I did during the interview.

I’m confident I did as well as I could, but I’ll find out mid next week.

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