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Ken’s coming!

My very good friend Ken is coming to Canberra this Thursday night. I’ve missed him a lot, so it’s going to be so awesome to catch up. What’s been funny – and fun – is that we’ve been emailing each other almost constantly for the past few months, every single day. It’s like, we’re continuing the conversations that we’re used to, but by email.

So while I show him the sights of Canberra, I’ll be taking photos. Hopefully there’ll be some new things to see, or at least the same things from different angles!

On Friday night we’re going to Sydney. One of Deidre’s friend’s daughter will be there from NZ, so we’re going for a drive up there so Deidre can catch up. While they do that, I’ll be showing Ken around the CBD of Sydney, and Darling Harbour, and The Rocks. All good places to see the beauty of Sydney.

He’s here from Thursday night through to Tuesday afternoon, before heading back to New Zealand. I miss him already!

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