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The Writer’s Manifesto

PINTEREST-the-writers-manifestoI am a writer, and this is my manifesto.

I write to explore my thoughts and feelings about experiences, insights and observations in this life journey, and to share what I learn with others.

I’m tired of ignoring my true calling and my special talents for the sake of conformity and pleasing others, in a world where so many people are afraid to live their dreams.

My purpose in life is to write in ways that help others find the courage to make better choices for their lives, to bring about their success as much as I bring about my own.

The world is constantly changing, and those of us who don’t change with it will be left behind. I write to help others change too. I want people to join me, rather than be left behind.

Today I embrace my most inner desires to be creative, authentic, admired and notoriously brave with what I choose to write.

I am now defining and choosing my life purpose as a writer and I will choose activities and opportunities in my life that are aligned with that purpose.

I am ready and open to follow the paths of success which are unfolding in front of me at this very moment.

As I write these words, the right people and the right circumstances are shifting to recognise my passion and ingenuity, as the universe itself conspires to bring me the perfect opportunities for wealth, happiness, peace and freedom.

I will not be deviated from my passion for writing and self-expression. And I will not shrink when people diminish or laugh at my writing and my ambitions.

I am a deserving, admired and successful writer.

So it is, and so it will be.

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