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Married for 1 year!

Last week, on the 28th October we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It’s been a long but amazing year! I’m still amazed that I’m married now!

We had planned a celebration dinner last week, but I came down with an illness right on the day, and instead of going out to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I was collapsing in bed! Luckily for me my wife is so understanding and caring, so she looked after me. She even went out and bought me some KFC for dinner, which weirdly was quite helpful.

So I was all better the day after, but then the day after that I came down with the disease again, and it hit really hard. I only really got better from it just a few days ago.

So last night we actually went out for the dinner. Even though it was a week late it was still a really good night! Here’s some photos of the food.

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