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Mee Goreng

A few months ago I took Deidre to a restaurant called 'Satay Kajang', a Malaysian restaurant. I'd been there a couple of times in the past, and the food was pretty good. However, after going there a couple of times with Deidre, I thought I'd try the Mee Goreng, which was something I hadn't tried before. It was Deidre who inspired me, as I tasted some of hers the week before and thought it was great. Unfortunately, I fell in love with it.

How do you fall in love with a food? Am I addicted to it? Or is it just so incredibly tasty?

Anyway, as of maybe a month or so ago, we decided that we were going to this place often enough for it to become a regular occasion, so we planned on doing it weekly. And every week we've gotten the Mee Goreng. (Just in case you don't know, it's a dish of delicious fried egg noodles with bits of chicken and seafood, all in an awesome smokey-flavoured sauce. Yum.

We went there again last night, and Deidre tried some kind of seafood soup dish in a clay pot, which she thought was great, while I had my usual Mee Goreng. Usually we've shared a single dish of Mee Goreng, as there's been plenty for the two of us from one dish, but because she wanted something different last night, I had Mee Goreng leftovers for lunch today.

And I've just finished eating it, and was inspired to write about the latest 'hobby' Deidre and I have – weekly visits to this awesome Malaysian restaurant.

What makes it even better is that most of the main meals, including Mee Goreng, are less than $9. So when we get a single dish for $8.50 and share it (it's a HUGE dish!), it works out as a very cheap meal in a restaurant! $4 each. Can't argue with that!

And they also have a banana-filled roti. Roti is a style of Malaysian bread. That's delicious as well, and it's supposed to be an entree but we have it as our dessert, with cream on the side.

Now that I've finished eating the leftovers for lunch I feel like going there for some more……

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