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Melbourne is awesome!

I’ve been here in Melbourne (Australia) for almost 2 months now, and the really surprising thing? I’m loving it.

Out of all the places I’ve moved to in my life, around Australian and even across to New Zealand, I have to say that Melbourne has been the easiest place to live in. It’s been easy to get around, there’s an incredible number of great cafes and restaurants around the place, and the cost of living here is cheaper than what I’m used to in Canberra.

Yes, I’m loving it here. I never thought I would, but I am.

Part of the reason is because I have a wonderful wife who is doing her best to help me enjoy this city that she loves too. I’ve not had such a supportive and loving wife helping ease me through the transition period of moving to a new city. Well, ok – I haven’t had a wife before!

The most amazing thing for me has been the traffic, and the people. They’re friendly, they give way, they stop at stop signs, they indicate when turning, they obey the road rules, and they don’t drive like freakin’ idiots! I even had people wave at me today to thank me for giving way to them. It’s freaking me out!

The mantra for driving around Canberra is ‘everyone’s an idiot’ – it helps to stay alert by expecting that people are just going to be stupid at the stupidest times, and when they do, you’re ready for them. And then in Sydney, everyone’s just angry and wants to scream at you for being on their road.

Melbourne’s traffic and driving habits is a breath of fresh air. I’m not used to it, but I’m loving it.

As I travel around this beautiful city and enjoy the beautiful food, I’m taking photos of what I’m seeing and enjoying. I’d like to invite you to follow me on Instagram and also my photos on Facebook so that you can keep up to date with my photos. I’d love to share them with you over time.

Last night I was looking through some old photos from a few years ago when I was using my Nikon D90 or D7000 DSLR, and I was vividly reminded of how clear and bright the DSLR photos were compared to using a smartphone….

Don’t get me wrong. I love using the smartphone as my camera of choice because it’s easy to carry around all the time, and the photo quality is good enough, and I can instantly share to Instagram and Facebook. But there’s just something about the quality of photos taken on a DSLR that’s so much better.

One day when I have more money I might just buy a good camera and get back into DSLR photography.

But first I’ll have to get a job, which is still difficult to do at the moment. For whatever reason, the universe is conspiring against me, probably forcing me to wait for an awesome job or consistent customers with my web design business. I don’t know, but it’s frustrating.

It can’t last forever though. I’ll get work somehow, somewhere, so that’s a good thing to understand and look forward to.

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