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More on Fake News

I spoke last year about how the media is engaging in brainwashing people. This week I saw a really horrendous example of a once trustworthy news source engaging in blatant manipulation of people’s beliefs about what US President Donald Trump is doing.

He gave a speech at the United Nations this week, and during it he talked about how he decided to re-impose sanctions on Iran, and stated ‘more will follow’, meaning more sanctions. However, the BBC News tweeted to the world that he said ‘war will follow’.

And then they followed this ‘error’ up some time later not by deleting the tweet (which is what they should have done), but by adding a new tweet in reply to the first, which no one would read anyway.

In it, they said that Trump actually said ‘more will follow’, but then they ended it with #ourbad. Clearly not even taking it seriously….

I’m not sure we can trust any news source any more. I wonder if we ever did.

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