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More on the adventure

I think this is going to be the focus of quite a few posts this year, leading up to it, and likely beyond it. I’ve been refining my travel plans the past couple of days, working out where I’ll be sleeping and how much it’s likely to cost. That, plus the expected petrol costs, food and miscellaneous costs, and tours here and there, is going to cost a lot of money. But now I know how much I need to save.

I realised tonight that this is more than ‘a road trip’. It’s a spiritual adventure.

I’ve never been on such a journey before. 40 days by myself around an inhospitable country. Very few people undertake such an adventure in their lifetime. When I see myself traveling the highways and enjoying the sights and experiences, I get a strong feeling of exhilaration and excitement.

It’s very clear to me that this is something I need to be doing in my life. The feeling is similar to how I felt in 2007, when I knew that my family needed to be together for xmas, as it might be the last time we would all have that opportunity. Thinking about it made me cry… It felt like something I needed to make happen. It turned out I was right, that it WAS the last opportunity we had. I’m glad I took notice of my feelings.

I have similar feelings now. I know I’m meant to go on this adventure, and I know I need to do it by myself. Imagining myself doing it makes me feel like crying with… I don’t know… Joy? Pleasure? Happiness? Something like that. Trying to imagine NOT doing it just isn’t happening at all.

I’m going to get something amazing from this experience.

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