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I can’t believe that these are the most popular search terms that bring people to my site:

7.42% – my name is inga
3.16% – stubbed toe
2.19% – alanzeyes
1.70% – all blacks haka
1.22% – manifesting money
1.22% – neo template
1.09% – law of attraction love

You wouldn’t believe how many people are coming to this site by searching for ‘my name is Inga’. What’s the big deal about that? And my stubbed toe? Holy cow.

What this is telling me is that there are more people looking for Inga and stubbed toes than there are looking to manifest money.

That’s disturbing.


I looked into this trend of people looking for Inga, and it turns out there’s a Swedish band called Inga from Sweden, and they have a song called “My name is Inga”. Strangely enough, out of 5,800 websites that come up in the search term for “my name is Inga”, my own Inga page is #10. Out of 5,800. That’s nice. I think.

I guess this post about Inga is going to be listed too… so maybe I’ll get twice the number of people coming here looking for Inga…

Here’s the Inga video, for those of you who are looking for her (at least your journey’s not wasted!):

Catchy song, very cute chick, but they just don’t make music videos in Sweden like they do in Hollywood….

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