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Moving to Australia. Not.

At least, not yet. Maybe not for a while. But definitely not within the time that we originally planned.

There are too many signs happening around us that are pointing to Australia NOT being the place for us to go to in the near future.

  • My career taking off, with interesting opportunities arising.
  • The Australian Dollar losing ground against the NZ Dollar, meaning it’ll be more expensive to move to Australia than what we planned for.
  • The new Industrial Relations laws making it a fracked up environment for working (one of my friends was fired this week, because ‘unfair dismissal’ was no longer illegal. She was replaced with someone who would do the same job for less money. I wonder how many such stories are happening around Australia now that it’s ok for employers to fire whoever they want, for whatever reason they like, without penalty.)
  • Property Investment laws favouring purchasing in New Zealand over Australia.

And there are other signs too, which I won’t go into right now.

Deidre and I talked about it last night. She’s frustrated, because she has really wanted to go, but for one reason or another, throughout the past decade, various things have come up to stop her from going. I mentioned that with everything we want to do, everything we want to achieve, that maybe the only real solution that the universe is pointing us to is this:

  • Stay in NZ
  • Build up a property investment portfolio
  • Replace working income with passive income from properties (eg. retire within 5 years)
  • Build up a property investment portfolio in Australia
  • Live in Australia only when we don’t need to work there
  • Have the choice of living wherever we choose, whenever we choose, between NZ and Australia, depending on the weather

Wealth creates independence from all kinds of employment and government related hassles. Both Deidre and I are thinking that we’re being encouraged to follow a certain path to achieve our dreams the more interesting way – by achieving wealth.

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