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Moving to the US?

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I recently wrote about my next great adventure, but I didn’t quite realize just how great it might be…

I’ve been trying to work out how to get my girlfriend here from the US, but it’s a real challenge. She doesn’t have any of the skills that the Australian govt deems worth letting her into the country for, and I don’t have enough money just yet to deal with the costs of her getting a visa into the country either. She can’t afford ‘evidence of funds’ that a foreigner has to show before they let them into the country.

I found out today the funds are about $5,000 for every 3 months she intends to be here. And she has to be here for 12 months before they would consider her as my defacto partner and let her have a partner visa. I’m sure you can see where that’s going…

So I have to think of other options. And one came to me today…

If I move to the US and work there for a year or more with her living with me, I could then bring her back to Australia with me as my partner. This would avoid all the costs associated with the other visa options.

But I’d have to move to the US….

Anyone that knows me also knows how much of a horrendous thought that is to me. But to be with my girl? It doesn’t feel so horrendous any more…

I’ll need an employer in the US that will sponsor me for at least a year, to basically provide me with a job for that long. Well, that’s not necessarily so difficult.

My current contract is being extended for a 5th time. At the end of this next extension I will have been with them as a Business Analyst across 2 major projects for about 18 months.

Maybe I can work for them in the US…

I’m going to start exploring this new option and see where it takes me.

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