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Back in very late 2003 – or was it very early 2004? Somewhere around there – I was seeing Jhen Jhen, a Chinese girl. On this one particular day, we went up the cable car to the top of the mountain. Now, strangely enough, when we got onto the cable car, we were the only two people on it. Apart from the driver. So there we were, waiting for the car to go, when another two people got onto the car.

They just happened to be almost exactly the same as the two of us. A couple, him western and her asian. They sat down behind us, and Jhen Jhen and I didn't think much of it. But then a minute later, another couple got on. Yep, him western and her asian. That's when it got amusing, and Jhen Jhen looked around with surprise. As the cable car began moving up the hill, us three couples were the only people on it. We had a bit of a giggle and then sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Halfway up the hill, the cable car pulls up next to the other car that's coming down the hill. They operate in 'tandem'. One goes up, the other goes down, and they pass halfway.

It got funnier.

In the other cable car was a single person. An asian guy. While I casually observed him, I saw him casually observing us. And I watched the expression on his face change as he realised that there were only 3 couples, and each of the couples was a white guy and an asian girl. He frowned in surprise and annoyance, at 'his women' going to the 'other side'.

It was hilarious! I never forgot that moment when I saw multiculturalism in action.

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