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Muslims not doing themselves any favours

I briefly watched the news last night and saw an item about the violence being perpetrated by Muslims against Danish embassies around the world, and Danish people wherever they can find them. The last time I heard about it – which was last night on the news – 5 people had been killed by Muslims protesting against the cartoons published in Danish newspapers.

Now really, it’s just getting stupid. Ridiculously stupid. Muslims everywhere are proving themselves to be interested only in hatred and violence. If they don’t like something, destroy it. With as much violence as possible.

The actions of Muslims around the world seems to be like this, from another perspective:

Let’s imagine that I’m an Australian living in Australia. I heard about a Muslim man in Pakistan making a joke about Australians, about how easy they are to make jokes of. What do I do? I become enraged. I go around engaging in violence against the Pakistani embassy. I throw rocks at it, I scream, I jump up and down, I burn the Pakistani flag, I rage and flail at the air in furious anger. I see a Pakistani person – or who I assume is Pakistani, as they’re dark-skinned with features of that region – and I decide to attack them. I decide to kill them. I do. Not only do I kill them, I piss on them, and I burn the house they lived in. And then I hunt for others to do the same. In fact, not only do I decide to hunt down Pakistanis, but I also decide to hunt down Muslims and kill ’em all, because the man who offended me was a Muslim as well as from Pakistan.

Simply because someone in Pakistan made a joke about Australians.

Would you say that’s a reasonable response from me? Would you say that I have the right to kill Muslims and Pakistani’s because one of them, in another country that i have no interest in, offended me? Would it be reasonable and responsible of me to declare war against all Muslims and Pakistani’s?

No, it wouldn’t.

So why the frack is it considered reasonable for Muslims to react in this way because of a frackin’ cartoon publish in a Danish newspaper? Why are we expected to understand and tolerate the actions of ‘aggrieved’ Muslims everywhere to this slight against the icon of their religion?

Frack ’em, that’s what I say. If they want to engage in war all around the world, in killing and violence, simply because of a cartoon in Denmark, then they are proving themselves to be a threat to global society. They are proving themselves to be the curse on civilisation that the Christians have always said they are. They are proving that Muslims are violent, intolerant and a threat to anyone who isn’t Muslim.

What is the resolution to this? Non-Muslims are being asked to tolerate their actions, to respect their religion, and to avoid inflaming their sensitivities.

What about our sensitivities? What about our right to live in peace, free from fracked-up religions that advocate violence?

What is going to happen as a result of Muslim outrage over cartoons?

Well, considering the amount of violence they are perpetrating against people who are completely unrelated to any cartoon, it’s obvious they just want to hurt and kill people, and any excuse will do.

They are creating a war, a religious war, and I don’t see them interested in avoiding it.

The obvious solution is that the Muslim religion is a threat to the peace and stability of a modern civilisation. Where we want to move ahead into the future, Muslims are only interested in moving back into the Dark Ages.

I’m wondering if we should be supporting American policies against Muslim terrorist states, or if those American policies are the cause of this violence and Muslim outrage at anything and everything?

I see only conflict in the future, and I hope that the Muslim communities around the world can show that peace and tolerance IS important to them. Otherwise a lot of people are going to die.

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