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My Malaysian Adventure

Deidre and I went to our favourite Malaysian restaurant tonight, Satay Kajang, for our favourite Mee Goreng dish. Well, I had it, while she had something else. Anyway, there was this very (!) cute asian waitress, who I've seen a couple of times before, who I think is just gorgeous. I went to pay after we'd finished eating, and she was at the counter. While I was paying, I wanted to talk to her.

"Your food is so good we have to come back all the time!"

"Yes, you regulars," she replied, smiling. There were dimples on her cheeks from the smile. I entered my account details on the card machine, hardly registering the amount. Was it $17 or $170? Whatever. I entered my PIN number and pressed ok.

"Do you have many regulars?" I asked her.

She looked thoughtful for a moment before slowly replying, "Can… give you a drink…"

"Sorry?" I asked, confused.

"I can give you both free drink?" I realised she misunderstood what I said, thinking I was asking for something special since we were regular customers.

"No no no!" I replied, waving my hands. I leant in close to speak more clearly, and she leaned closer too. Her eyes seemed to get much larger. "How… many… regular… customers… do… you… have?"

"Oh!" she exclaimed, holding her hand to her mouth in embarrassment. We laughed together. "We have many regulars."

"It's because your food is so good," I said, smiling again, and taking my receipt. She thanked me and I went back to our table where Deidre asked me if I had gotten some mints. Doh!

I went back to get the 'after dinner' mints, and the waitress looked at me curiously. I got the mints, smiling at her to show that's all I wanted, and she smiled back. I turned around again to go back to our table, only to see Deidre laughing as she was putting her coat on. The waitress must've thought Deidre was laughing at her, because she was apologising across the restaurant to Deidre, who was, in return, calling out her reassurance back to the waitress that it was ok.

I walked to the door, with Deidre following, still laughing. The waitress was still apologising to us. We went outside, and I looked at Deidre, wondering what the hell all the laughing was about. As we walked back to the car, she calmed down enough to speak.

"She had you!" she said.

"No she didn't," I replied.

"She had you in the palm of her hand!"

"Did not."

"You forgot the mints! You never forget the mints!"

"She didn't have me."

"She turned you into a marshmallow."

"No she didn't. I'm a rock! I'm a hard man!"

"You were a marshmallow!"

"Hell no! I'm harder than that! Maybe like a pillow… but not a marshmallow!"

We walked back to the car, laughing. Damn she's gorgeous. And so was that waitress.

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