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My online services are starting to take off

I’m quite pleased to see that my online services are starting to actually earn me a little bit of money. People are buying services from me to help them with Mailchimp mailing list setups, as well as content writing.

It’s not much, but it’s a really good start. About $150 in the past week or so. Encouraging!

I’ve even had people tip me for good work, which I’m happy about.

But I need to keep it up and expand upon it. I need to put myself out there more than I currently am, and do a lot more than what I currently am.

I’ve also been considering what other services I can offer. I had a bit of a brainstorm in the shower the other day when I realised that I can turn my Business Analyst experience with documentation into an online service as well.

I’ve got experience with creating all kinds of different kinds of business documents and templates for those documents. If I set up templates and then offer to provide businesses or individuals with high-quality templates of a professional level, it could be relatively lucrative.

I can also work on using the templates for myself – take information provided to me and put it together into a template for the customer. Leverage template-driven creation of content so that instead of taking hours to do a document, it’ll only take no more than half an hour or so.

Of course, for those custom, high quality jobs where someone wants a professional business case document done for them that might actually take a few hours, then I can do that too.

The point is, everything that I’ve learned over the past 5-6 years as a Business Analyst can still be applied online, without actual physical client contact.

I can do documentation work for individuals, companies or organisations all over the world, and not just within Australia. Realistically, this should be a good means of earning a good income from what I can do.

I just need to find a way of getting it out there that I can do these things. I’ll keep working on that, on expanding my ‘presence’ out there.

I’m considering starting a new website completely focused on my services only, so that they’re not part of this blog. It’ll be easier for potential customers to see information about my services by dedicating a site to them.

I might have to do a WordPress site for that. This Ghost blog is built just to present a focus on written content with some imagery. I’m going to need a lot more than that, and WordPress will be a much better solution for what I want to do.

Having my services on this blog has been a good start, for sure, but I think having a far more focused website for my services will be MUCH better for what I want to do.

I can also blog about my services on that site, keeping them all separate from this personal blog.

It’ll be important to build a dedicated site for my services, so that’s what I’m going to do this week.

Another project to work on! I love it… (Here’s a link to my article about discovering I’m a Scanner – we love new projects!)

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