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New adventures

I started my new job in Sydney today, and I must admit I’ve quite enjoyed the adventure that I’m going through at the moment. Staying in a serviced apartment only 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD by bus, and I catch an express bus which means it’s not too busy. And it picks me up outside where I’m staying, and drops me off outside where I work. Can’t ask for much more than that!

This entire experience in Sydney is a new adventure. The new job, new place to live, new ways of doing things, new people to meet, new sights to see. I’m eating out every night, while trying to make sure I eat reasonable food so that I can stay healthy while still looking after my weight.

I met a very friendly fella at the restaurant tonight. He’s a regular there, he was there last night too (it’s a good restaurant, I went back to it tonight), and we got to talking. Very interesting conversations for almost a couple of hours. And then it was time to leave. I was cold, I had thoughts in my head I wanted to explore, and I wanted to do some writing. So here I am.

He recommended I read some poetry by Gerald Manley Hopkins, to get an appreciation of the beauty of his words in describing things. So I will. I might get something of value from it.

It’s not often you can connect with people, with strangers, who turn out to enjoy your company and your conversation. Such connections are new adventures in their own right. They lead you along paths that you never thought possible.

I went to that restaurant expecting only dinner, and instead I connected with someone interesting. It was enjoyable and rewarding having them share some of their life with me, and sharing my own with him.

New adventures. I think there’s going to be many more here in Sydney.

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