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New look

Ok, there's a new look. I think I like this better. The reason I made this change is because I discovered, with all the changes I had been making to the template and stuff, that the 'previous posts' wasn't working if you went to a previous post or to any archived entries. So I needed to revert to a default template in order to fix it. I'd taken a copy of all my changes and additions first, so that they weren't lost. But while I was at reverting to a default template, I decided to give the site a new look, with a new template, and then add the changes and additions on again.

It all works fine now, and I'm happy.

UPDATE: Ok, now there's ANOTHER new look!

I've just turned this into a 3-column website, having found the inspiration on the Blogger Forum, with a thread on 3-column blogs. I like it!

I hope you do too.

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