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New things in my life

Ok, I got the new laptop yesterday from work, and I've been playing with it / setting it up ever since.  It's very cool… a nice wide screen, and very fast. 

I've come down with a bad cold, so I took the afternoon off yesterday (and today as well), and I was trying to set up a network with the old laptop and this new one, until I discovered that you can't get a home network going when one of the laptops (or both) are configured for a business domain network.  It just doesn't work…  So I'm going to have to explore a few more options and see what I can do.  I want my old laptop to access the internet via the new laptop, which will be the one connected to the internet.  I'm sure I'll work it out eventually.

I'm in bed writing this, at 8:15am.  What a miserable night I had.  Tossing and turning, almost feverish, cold-type leakages occurring all night, and used tissues everywhere.  Deidre was lovely through it.  I suggested to her last night that shhe might want to go home instead of sleeping with me, as she might not get any sleep.  I knew what was coming.  But no, she decided to stay.  Poor girl.  Smiley

Speaking of her staying…  she came up with the idea yesterday, of moving in and living with me.  However, after telling me at lunchtime yesterday that she wants to move in, she then spent the afternoon getting all anxious about it, and ending up feeling not quite sure about  it.  We talked about it last night.  She's got a lot of fear still, about all the mistakes of the past happening all over again.  She doesn't want to get into another situation where it can go wrong again, but she also feels that it's right that we live together.  I explained to her that her fear of the past is exactly that – the past.  Instead of thinking about  the things that went wrong with other people and applying that to this situation, she should instead be thinking about how she feels about me.  If she has any hesitations based on being with me, THAT is when she should take notice of those feelings.  But if her hesitations are based on people in her past, THAT is what she has to move on from.So she's still thinking about it.

She came roleplaying with me last night, and seemed to have a good time.  I'm glad she did.  On the weekend I went camping with her, sort of.  She went to a sailing / camping event at a lake about an hour out of Wellington on Friday night.  I joined her Saturday night, and came back Sunday.  Unfortunately they didn't do any sailing, 'cause it was too windy, so they amused themselves in other ways, like four-wheel driving and visiting a nearby town that was having a fair.  I slept in a tent on Saturday night, and got almost no sleep at all, 'cause the wind kept me awake.  But I still had a good time.


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