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Oh, the horror!

The other day I went to my old forum, where I used to do my online journaling before it became a blog, and discovered it was no longer there. Apparently the database no longer existed, according to the message on the page.

After waking up from the dead faint, I panicked slightly. My life was on that forum for a couple of years, and I hadn’t transferred everything across to my blog. It was like a part of my life had just disappeared, gone forever.

However, after the panic subsided, I remembered that I knew something about the internet and technology, so I contacted the host provider to ask what had happened, and to please restore the site from backup. This was done immediately, with the explanation that they thought I no longer wanted it….

It would have been nice to ask me before they cleaned out and deleted the database the site was using…!!

But anyway, it was restored, and that’s the important thing. I immediately spent 4 hours transferring the remaining journal posts from the forum to this blog, which I hadn’t done yet. They were between January 2005 – June 2005. I hadn’t gotten around to it because I figured the forum was always going to be there, so I had plenty of time to do the transfer.

Anyway, I’m happy now. The journal posts have been transferred to this blog, so I now have a complete record of my life’s posting since 1998.

I can sleep again….

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