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On holiday – part 3

Right, I'm sitting here in the lounge room of a family friend of Deidre's, Mick and Debbie.  I've had a great time since yesterday.  Last night we watched Miss Congeniality, as I mentioned, and then went to sleep.  We woke up this morning around 8am, had breakfast, and then left Taupo to head for Hawkes Bay.  The drive was lovely.  We went over some huge mountain ranges (Kaimanawas) which had snow all over them, and got into Hastings (Hawkes Bay) around lunch time.  It was really funny, 'cause Deidre and I had looked at a map on the internet last night for the address to Mick's place, so I had the view of the map in my head.  When we were driving into Hastings, I didn't realise where we were until we got to a roundabout, and Deidre thought we should turn left at the roundabout and go straight.  However, I saw the map in my head and knew we had to do a 360 degree turn to go back the way we'd come and then we'd find the street we would have to turn off.  Deidre swore she was right and that I was now going the wrong way.  She sat there with that smug smile on her face, waiting to be proven right.  The look on her face as I turned into the street we were supposed to turn into, was priceless.  It was hilarious!  I told her I had to tell that story in my journal, and she's sitting here next to me as I write this.  She's lovely.  *grin*

So after meeting up with Mick and Debbie, we went into Napier for lunch.  (Napier and Hastings are two towns about 20km (12 miles) from each other, and together they make up a big part of the area called Hawkes Bay, as they're both situated around Hawke Bay on the coast).  We wandered around the centre of town for a bit, doing some window shopping while looking for something to eat.  Finally finding a cafe, we had lunch and then ended up at Starbucks for a while, before coming back to Mick's place.  Tomorrow morning we're off to Wellington again, and the end of the holiday. 

I've got the rest of the week off work, so this is a a great holiday week for me.  I'll be putting the best of the photos onto the website during the week, and there's quite a few good ones.  This'll do for now.

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