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On holiday – part 4

ay, I'm back home!  It was good to see Eve again, and she was sooo happy to see us too!  We missed each other, and she's been very happy to see Deidre too.  That was nice. 

Anyway, the evening has been spent chilling out and catching up on the budget.  I'm very excited!  We came in $5 (each) over expectations!  I expected us to be spending $240 each, and we ended up spending $245 each.  And that's without even checking the budget or the account or being particularly anal about our spending.  We knew it was a budget holiday, and we just made sure we didn't go overboard, and it all worked out fine.  Anyway, sitting down tonight and working it all into the budget has been fun too.  Everything's looking rosy.

I'll put up the photos of the trip over the next few days.  We got some very cool photos, and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there to take them.


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