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Ongoing laptop jokes

I asked for a USB keyboard yesterday at work, so that I could connect it to my laptop and work more ergonomically. You'd think it'd be a simple thing in a computer company, wouldn't you, but nooooo…

Within the space of 24 hours, we've had a number of people involved, with keyboards of the wrong type ordered, someone wondering if Australia would have one, someone asking if maybe a PS/2 to USB convertor would be appropriate, and even purchase orders supplied. All I wanted was a fucking USB keyboard lying around somewhere!

When the email came in asking if they should get it from Australia, I wrote back and said, "What is wrong with you people? There's keyboards lying around down in the workshop!"

I asked for a small plastic bench as well, in order to put my laptop onto and lift it up off the desk somewhat. You'd think that'd be easy, wouldn't you. I got emails back asking if I wanted an adjustable desk, and then I was asked if I wanted a plastic or a wooden laptop bench. Then there were purchase order requests for that too.

I cancelled the order, deciding I'll stick it on top of a filing tray once I get the keyboard.

Then, just when I thought everything had been sorted about the keyboard, I got an email asking if I wanted an ergonomic or a normal one. I thought about going for the cheapest option, but then thought, fuck it! Ergonomic, I said.

I'm hoping it'll be a super duper keyboard that flies.

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