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“People trapped in the internet trying to come back to life”

Someone was doing a web search for “people trapped in the internet trying to come back to life” and that brought them to my site. I can understand why, since ‘life’ is in both the search phrase and the name of my site.

However, it got me to wondering. Are there ghosts trapped in the internet? How do we know if any of the people who make comments on blogs aren’t actually ‘ghosts in the machine’?

We don’t!

Any person that you don’t know and haven’t seen in real life, could be a ghost, a lost spirit of someone who was addicted to the internet, and who, when dead, continued their existence by commenting on blogs.

Can you imagine the kind of Hell that would be, you spend an eternity trawling blogs and commenting on them? Scary shit.

Almost as scary as the kind of person who’s looking for information on people trapped in the internet and trying to come back to life….

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