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Rant for the day

/Begin rant…

I don't understand why so many people feel the need to blame someone for things that they don't NEED to blame others for!  It's just bizarre.

I was reading yesterday about how a group of Americans wants to sue the Accor Hotel Group for not having early warning systems in place at their hotel/s in Thailand.  Despite never having had a tsunami in over 300 years, these Americans are claiming that the hotel should have had an early warning system in place to help save lives.  Despite there being only 75 minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami hitting the beaches, these Americans are claiming that the early warning system would have saved lives.

Maybe so, but why do they need to sue the hotel group for many millions of dollars, simply because they didn't have something that everyone thought wasn't needed anyway?  It's the same thing as a meteorite hitting your house and then suing the US Government for not having a missile defence / warning system in place to help out.

Give me a fucking break!  They just have to sue someone for something, so they can get money and make a profit from an 'act of God'.

Second thing that got my back up this morning was a story I read about a man in NZ who 'chose to starve himself to death rather than waste away to the point where he became an alert mind trapped in a paralysed body…  Progressive bulbar palsy causes muscles to weaken and waste away until sufferers can no longer move or breathe without help. The mind is not affected.'

Instead of wasting away to nothing and living a life of complete paralysis, he chose to starve himself to death.  "Suicide would be simple and selfish," he said. "You cannot deny your loved ones the opportunity to be with you when you go.  It is exercising your right as a human being not to eat."

He died yesterday as a result of his choice not to eat.  'Waikato Bay of Plenty Law Society president Warren Pyke said that under the Crimes Act, [the caregiver] could be charged for not providing the necessaries of life.'

Why the fuck can't they just accept that this man chose his own ending?  Why the fuck do they feel the need to blame someone and charge his caregiver for not providing the necessities of life.  What's she supposed to do?  Force feed him?  Keep him alive against his will, even though his life, as it used to be, is over?  What about the family of the man?  Would they then be able to have her charged with something that says she forced him to do what he didn't want to do?

These things are verging on idiocy.  People suing a company for not being able to warn about acts of nature, and people being charged for not keeping a man alive against his will.  It really is about his choice to end his life with dignity, but to some people that's not good enough.

I'm sure there won't be any charges laid against her, but for someone idiot to mention it and put forward the likelihood just makes me think he's an idiot without compassion.

/End rant


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