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Rocking the boat

Every person helms their own boat. Many people just let their boat drift along as they ‘go with the flow’. Many of them tie their boats to this huge collection of boats all drifting the same way, and call it ‘society’.

Sometimes they tie their boats closely to someone else’s, and call it ‘marriage’, or some other relationship arrangement. All while still being tied to everyone else’s boats, all drifting the same way.

Sometimes they steer their own course, following their own path instead of going with the flow that everyone else is.

But if anyone rocks the boat, they become a threat to the stability of everyone else. No one wants to rock the boat when it could mean they’re cut loose from the collective, which provides them so much benefit. Being part of society is safe.

But what if you think the collective is ‘going with the flow’ in a direction that’s detrimental to its wellbeing?

There’s nothing you can do about it.

But you CAN do something for yourself.

You don’t need to be connected to the collective. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t need to be tied to their expectations of you, just because you’re connected to them.

You can cut yourself loose. You can steer your boat in a different direction. You can lead the life you want to lead, instead of the life that you’re obligated to by being part of the collective.

And as you steer your boat in a different direction, and enjoy your experiences along the way, you can share your experiences with the collective. Share your insights and observations and realisations.

And as you grow and experience more joy in your life and you share it with the collective, others will want to join you. Or at least follow a different course of their own, inspired by what you’ve shared with them.

As you steer your boat in the direction you want to follow, instead of going along with everyone else, and you share your life with others who are still in the collective, over time you will begin to influence the collective.

Slowly but surely, if you remain committed to opening people’s eyes, you never know what effect you just might have on them. You never know who will take your inspiration and run with it, and THEY might be the person to change the course of the entire collective.

Your own actions might be the one to inspire the next Ghandi. Or you might realise you’ve become the next Ghandi. Who knows?

No one ever knows that they’ll change the world, but if you never try, nothing will ever change.

Start by steering your boat in the direction that you feel would be best for you. Not what’s best for others, but best for YOU.

The world can change because of it.

And yours certainly will.

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