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Sad state of affairs

Zhenzhen has returned from a couple months in China a few weeks ago. Shortly after, she contacted me, upset, telling me how bad things were for her. She didn't go into details, and I still don't have any details. However, her husband has since been using her online chat program, pretending to be her and talking to her contacts. It's frustrating to me that women I care about go off and marry losers who use and abuse (eg. her and also Wakana). I guess this is the cost that foolish asian women pay for wanting to get married before taking the time to get to know their potential husband.

I've offered her my support but now I've found out that he controls her internet usage and the people she talks to, and he controls her cellphone as well (by control, I mean he monitors who she talks to online and on the phone, and who she receives text messages from or sends to). I don't think she's going to get out of her problem easily.

I got a text message from her this morning saying that there was no problem, and she was never upset, and it was all a big mistake and a joke on her part. Then her husband came online (again using her logon) and started laughing about how I shouldn't trust that any text messages I send her will actually be received by her. I told him (for the second time) that he's a loser, and then ignored him.

*shakes head sadly*

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