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Saving articles over the years

I was browsing my ‘saved for later’ articles in Feedly, which is what I use since Google Reader was switched off in July of 2013. Thankfully, all the RSS feeds and ‘saved for later’ articles I’d saved over the years were transferred over from Google Reader into Feedly, which I’m very grateful for.

Just as a side note – Feedly is awesome. You should use it too. (Maybe I’ll do another post in the near future about why you should use it too…)


Anyway, to continue…

I was just browsing some of my recent saves this morning, when I wondered how far back they go.

I was surprised to see that they go all the way back to 2007. I have articles that I’ve ‘saved for later’ dating back 7 years. Lots of articles.

The reason I saved them was because, when I read them at the time, they made me feel like writing about them in some fashion, or writing a post somewhat unrelated but inspired by them. But for 99% of these ‘saved for later’ articles, I never got around to following up on them.

So they’ve stayed there, residing in my ‘saved for later’ archive in Google Reader over the years. And then when Reader died and was taken up by Feedly, they were all transferred over. Nice!

I really should go through them and read them, one by one. Unsave the ones that are no longer relevant, and keep the ones that are.

They’ll be a good source of inspiration when I need something to write about.

Assuming I don’t forget about them for another 7 years….

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