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Second day of Bali

Today was a ‘long day’. Our driver came to pick us up at 8:30am, which meant we were up from 7am for breakfast before he arrived. And then there was a LOT of driving – 2 hours to get to the Ubud area of Bali, and then lots of driving around there during the day, and then coming back late afternoon.

First we visited a small silver factory where they make jewellery. We got to see them crafting jewellery. Exciting stuff.




Ubud Palace

This was our first temple-like area, which was very pretty with the architecture and colours. And the Asian tourists doing strange poses…




Nearby were some markets with LOTS of colourful shops.


And then there’s this weird obsession they have with wooden penises….


Moving right along…

Lunch ended up being nicer than I thought it would be. When it came out the deep fried duck looked pretty dry. And it WAS pretty dry! But it also ended up being quite tasty…


After lunch we went to check out some rice paddies, which was very nice. I stayed in a cafe and relaxed while Fanfan and her parents went for a walk through the hills.


We got our driver to drop us off at the ‘Bali Collection’, a collection of restaurants and shops – a better part of Bali. For the wealthier tourists. Our kind of place.

After we got home from dinner at the Collection, Fanfan and I jumped into the hotel pool. A nice dip at the end of a very long day – by this time it was 9pm. After we finished, and had a shower, we then had a late night snack – for me it was a banana split. Yum! Fanfan had some very tasty bread and French butter.

I’ve been processing a whole bunch of photos since then from yesterday and today, from my actual camera instead of my phone. I’ve finished the photo processing, but I’m too tired right now (it’s after 11pm) to place them strategically into this post. So please check out the public photos from my phone on Facebook here, and I’ll try to catch up with the ‘real camera’ photos tomorrow night.

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