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Seeing The Future

Seeing the future is a skill often 'hampered' by free will. No matter what anyone might say, there is never any guarantee that what you 'see' happening tomorrow (or what someone else sees for you) is what WILL happen tomorrow. This is because you have free will, and you mix with other people who also have free will. It means that you may be influenced by your own changing thoughts or desires, and by the changing thoughts and desires of others, which may lead you away from the future that was seen.

Let me give you an example. Let's say that while meditating you get a moment of clarity (or you wake up from a dream) and see something that happens to you tomorrow. You see that you're going to experience an event where you accidentally walk into someone at the supermarket and knock the basket of groceries out of their hand. They get very upset and swear at you. You come out of your meditation wondering what that was about, and then you forget about it. The next day you remember it when you accidentally knock the basket of groceries out of someone's hand….

What would have happened in that example if you had still remembered it when you found yourself going to the supermarket and so you decided to look out for the person in your vision? What if the act of being careful meant you walked slower, and as a result you didn't see them at all, because by the time you reached the point where you intersected with them in your vision, they've already moved beyond and down another aisle?

Does what you saw then become a lie? Or does it simply mean that exercising free will allowed the energy of a probable future to become a different future altogether?

I believe the latter, because I've experienced 'seeing the future' and having only parts of that future coming true. I've discovered for myself that the future is changable, and is that way because it depends on the choices that we make on a daily basis, as well as the choices of other people that influence us.

So how do you know if what you see in your mind is a vision of the future? You don't. What you do have to do though, is to trust yourself. You need to trust that what you see in your mind, if it's clear and 'separate' to your normal fantasies and imaginations, is actually a vision.

How do you know the difference between a vision and an imagination? What you imagine enters your mind as a result of a conscious desire. You are the director of the movie that is your imagination. Visions, on the other hand, enter your mind without your conscious direction. They may be a 'snapshot' or a 'movie', but they occur without your conscious control. You open your mind to them, but you don't control them. That is the difference between a vision and an imagination.

No one can accurately and completely predict the future. Not for you, not for themselves, and certainly not for anyone else or even the entire planet. All that anyone can do is see the most probable future at that time.

The psychic ability of seeing the future doesn't always show the whole future, but only small events. It often doesn't allow you to make large plans for personal gain, nor does it allow you to do anything drastic about it. Sometimes it gives you hope, sometimes it's depressing. Rarely does it actually eventuate the way it was seen.

There's another way of seeing what our future is going to be. Look at our past, and look at our present.

"The decisions that you have made in the past 5 years have determined who you are now. Who you will become in 5 years time will be a result of the decisions you make today. Choose wisely." – Author unknown

To see your future you only need to take a look at your past. To create a future different to your past, you only need to do things differently to how you've done them in the past. To find happiness where there has been sadness, you need to make different choices.

If I can see your past from your description, and see what kind of person you are today and understand your attitude, I can see your future. I only need to do this through talking to you. I can speak in general terms of where you're going to be, of what kind of challenges you've experienced and are likely to experience, and of things that are going to happen to you.

I will be correct. But that's just through knowledge of human nature, and who you are today.

Your future is really up to you. No one can tell you what it's going to be if you don't want it to be that way yourself. What someone sees in your future is not likely to be what will eventuate – unless you want it to be.

But if you want something to eventuate, you don't need someone else to tell you about it.

Choose your own life, and choose your future. Predict it now, and live it.

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