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Self Responsibility

How often do we blame someone or something for making us feel a particular way? How often do we blame someone for 'making' us feel angry, annoyed, happy, sad, and so many other feelings? Are they MAKING us feel that way, or are we CHOOSING to feel that way? What's the difference?

The difference is that if you claim someone or something else makes you feel a certain way, then you can end up applying responsibility for your feelings onto someone else. We're happy to accept responsibility for our positive feelings, but we often try to blame others for our negative feelings.

"It's not my fault I got angry and did what I did… they MADE me do it!"

"It's not my fault I killed those people… the voice in my head that result from my parent's abuse when I was a child MADE me do it."

It's often a lot easier for us to blame someone or something else for those feelings we have that either embarrasses us, or that we don't like. We deny responsibility for our negativity, when we should instead be realising that responsibility for everything we do, say or feel lies entirely with us. No one else.

It's unfortunate that the law has become corrupted in some areas of the world, where there is now legal justification for denying self responsibility. Psychology and political correctness, in their attempts to help people feel better about themselves, have led to a system that rewards blaming others for our own negativity.

People will often try to follow the easiest path to self-gratification, but they fail to understand that blaming others for their negative emotions and actions only leads to stagnation rather than growth.

When you have no one to blame but yourself, you spend a great deal of time and energy in fixing the problems that you see yourself having. As a result, you find yourself having happier feelings about yourself and your actions, and you react to things positively instead of negatively. You understand that what you say and do reflects only on your self, and not anyone else.

When you deny self responsibility, you deny your own eventual happiness.

You can change this by realising that no one else is MAKING you feel a certain way. What happens in your mind is YOUR CHOICE, not anyone else's. No one else controls the thoughts you have, or the feelings you have. Only you do.

You can be responsible for yourself and grow in happiness, or you can deny self responsibility and live in stagnation and negativity.

The choice is yours.

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