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Simple is good

One of the things that’s been important to me is simplicity, and even though I’ve tried to use images in my website designs, I’ve always tried to find some kind of balance between simplicity and including imagery. I know that images help a website look better, but really, my own focus has mostly been on the material that I write.

And to be honest with you, it’s been annoying having to find photos online that seem relevant to the content, when I don’t really feel like making the content about the photos.

So I found a new blog theme tonight that I really like. It’s one that’s designed for accessibility on computers and mobile devices, while retaining its simplicity. I fell in love with it, and just had to use it. (And of course, being a Scanner, I love finding new and more interesting things to play with!)

Here’s a few screenshots of how the display resizes according to the dimensions of the display it’s being viewed on.

Normal size:


Smaller size:


Smartphone size:



And another thing that I like about this particular theme is that it has much better styling for the display of comments, so it’s really obvious which comments are in reply to previous comments, as well as looking great! That was something that was bothering me about the previous theme, and other themes that I’ve been playing with – very few of them actually look at appropriate style controls for the comments, preferring to instead focus on everything else.

I’m happy now!

Oh, and you might have noticed I’ve added a custom avatar of myself. That was an enjoyable time this evening, trying to create something that looked like me. Did I succeed?


Close enough is good enough.  🙂

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