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So many people getting offended

I was reading an article, You Aren’t Really Offended All The Time, So Please Stop Pretending. I wanted to share it here because there’s so many people that get offended so easily and so quickly, and I think it’s so relevant to so many.


Of course, some of you are going to get offended that I’m sharing this. You’ll get offended about me sharing it, and you’ll get offended about the author of the article. I think it’s worthy of discussion.

Truly, our society’s bellyaching sissies are in an elite category. They are like the Navy SEALS of offendedness. They demonstrate unmatched skill, dedication, and dexterity in imagining new and exciting ways to be insulted.

We’re often making judgements about other people getting offended or upset, saying ‘first world problems’, and it’s true. In the western world today, we have the privilege of an easy life and plenty of time available to us to ponder upon the joys of living in this world. We could devote time and energy to bettering ourselves, to exploring the depths of the oceans and the solar system, but instead we seem to focus on cat videos and getting outraged at someone upsetting us – or upsetting us on behalf of people we think should be upset.

I get offended that so many people get offended so easily. Bur really, I’m as soft as the rest of them, getting offended about social injustices. Maybe I should go live in a remote forest, chop wood and make a hut to live in. And grow a big beard. And find a bear to be my companion.

That sounds a bit more interesting than getting so caught up in getting offended and creating drama where we don’t need to. Are our lives actually so boring that looking for things to offend us is something we look forward to?

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