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There's been a bug going around work, which I've unfortunately succumbed to as well. Unlike those permanent staff, however, I've had to keep working to make my money. Surprisingly, I haven't minded. I actually enjoy what I do there, so coming in to work while I've been sick has still been worthwhile.

What's a little frustrating though, is that I've had confirmation from my agent this evening that this current contract won't be extended. It's actually a little amusing about the level of communication there, because my boss told me today that they intend for me to be there a few more months, to assist with ongoing process improvements and implementations. And then I get confirmation from another part of the organisation that I'll be finishing up mid-July…. So it's obvious that those who decide the fate of the contractors don't actually talk to those who need the contractors…

It's all good. I've been looking for another contract to move onto for a couple of weeks now, so now I'll just step it up to the next level of intensity. One of the jobs I'm hoping to apply for tomorrow will be a Call Centre Manager, which my current boss referred me to today. šŸ™‚

The cat's healed quite nicely. Where he used to look like Frankenstein, now you wouldn't even know he's had a traumatic experience. The stitched skin has settled, so there's hardly a bump along the length of it, and his fur's been growing back over it. There's a small section of skin which has formed a bit of a scab, but the vet says that's ok. All part of the healing process. He's a very lucky cat.

I've been playing with Twitter as a new social communication tool, which has already been of assistance. I had a job interview earlier this week for a business analyst role, entirely as a result of talking to someone on Twitter and sending them my CV.

Speaking of that interview, it was funny… I was to be interviewed by two people, and then I received a twitter via my mobile that there was going to be four of them coming down! I've never been interviewed by 4 people before, but it went pretty well. I'll find out at some stage how I went.

I've also been playing a new game, Battlefield 2142. I'm back into the first-person shooter game. It's alright, I'm enjoying it. At least there's no grind like there is in World of Warcraft (WoW)…

And finally, Deidre and me… No, we're not back together again. We're still living in the same house, but as flatmates. She's in the spare room now, and we're getting along perfectly fine. It's exactly as I thought it would be – we're happier being apart than we were together. We make better friends than lovers.

Over the past few weeks I've been helping her buy her own car. Like me a year ago, she's now the proud owner of a brand new car, a Ford Fiesta. It's also salary packaged, so she's getting a fully maintained novated lease that covers all vehicle running costs, as well as the lease. She's pretty happy with it too, which is good.

And that's all for now. After the excellent feedback from my last post about whether or not you guys want me to be more open with my life, I'll be doing just that. Expect a few more articles and life stories to be coming soon.

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