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Some photos

Yep, it's time for some more photos from the Land of Alan.

That one is a sunrise from the lounge room window. I get up earlier than normal these days, after having started a new shift at work from 7:30am – 4pm, which means I get up at 6am. This means (!) that I get to see nice sunrises… If I spot any more beautiful sunrises, I'll be sure to take photos of them. No two sunrises (or sunsets) are ever the same….

That's Deidre and I at a party we went to on Thursday night last week, for a friend of mine, Peter. It was a good night, and there was at least 50 or so people there, 'cause it was also a birthday party for 5 or so other people as well.

That's the last we'll see of the HMNZS Wellington, before it gets a few chunks blown out of it and it becomes a diving wreck somewhere out in the ocean. Not sure exactly where. Deidre and I went there this afternoon, to have a look at it. I wanted to get some photos of this 30+ year old NZ warship. Funny story: as we were leavng, we walked past a young couple walking towards it, and the girl said to the guy, "Come on, let's go look at the army ship." Army ship? What ignorance… *sigh*

That's a view of the ship from the front of the bow, looking back towards the cannons and the bridge. Nice view, I think.

That's a great shot of two pigeons sitting on top of a post that was sticking out of the water. It was such a beautiful, artistic shot, with the blackness outlining this post as it jutted up from the water. There was a bit of light reflected at the bottom of the picture, showing oily stuff on the water, so I just blacked it out to make the picture look a bit more interesting. Aren't those pigeons cute?

As we were on our way to… Starbucks… after having left the navy ship (for those who thought it might be an army ship!), we found this chair outside a furniture shop. What kind of giant sits in that?!

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